- establishing humanity's first, permanent foothold off Earth -


Many scenarios could be imagined for the make-up of the crew and how they first arrive on the Moon. But consider one specific scenario which makes each crew member and each mission standout in the public's imagination and in history. Like in the Apollo program, let's say that they land two-by-two.

CREW MISSION #1 - Humans Return to the Moon to Stay
The first two husbands land on the landing pad near the UniHab. The first to step out of the lander is the Commander. This is a historic moment because this represent the start of humanity moving off Earth permanently. Whatever he says goes down in the history books. His partner, the Engineer, has the immediate task of ensuring that all systems in the UniHab are working before any of the rest of their families can arrive.

CREW MISSION #2 - The First Woman on the Moon
The second crew mission would definitely go down in history as when the first woman set foot on the Moon -- The Roboticist. There would be about 840 million school-aged girls watching this historic event. Whatever she says when first landing on the Moon would go down in history next to the words spoken by Neil Armstrong. Along with her would be the third husband, the Machinist-Metallurgist. So, there are no couples as of yet on the Moon. That's what happens next.

CREW MISSION #3 - The First Couples / The First Kiss
Imagine two of the husbands already in the UniHab looking at the video feed as their wives are about to land on the Moon -- the anxiety on their face turning to relief and joy as their wives land safely on the Moon a short distance from the habitat. Then their wives exit the lander and make their way to the UniHab. Imagine the anticipation on their faces as their wives enter the airlock and take off their helmets. As the inner door opens, wives and husbands jump, embrace in mid-air, and kiss. The entire world is watching and realize that, for the first time, we have families establishing themselves off Earth. This is the beginning of space settlement. The two wives would be the Physician and the Chemist.

CREW MISSION #4 - The First Dog!
We all love dogs, and a dog in a space suit with a helmet, well, that's amazing. Everyone on Earth would know its names and many children would have their own plastic toy version of the dog in its space suit. The dog would have been trained (using tethers) how to do tricks in 1/6 gravity -- double or even triple back flips for example. Later it's mate would arrive and we all know what that leads to...Moon puppies. Oh yeah, Crew Mission #4 would also mean the arrival of the last two crew; the Biologist (who owns the dog) and the Geologist.

If done correctly, Initial Crew missions could be amazingly exciting and historic.

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