- establishing humanity's first, permanent foothold off Earth -


What would it be like to live on the Moon?

We would all watch as the initial crew settles down and begins doing their primary job but also living daily life. Some of that living would be normal things such as preparing and eating meals. Other activities would be special but still something that we can do on Earth such as four of the crew playing a string quartet.

But, there are certain activities which would be different on the Moon than on Earth. For example, any exploration of the Moon such as exploring the Moon's lava tubes would be unique. Also, imagine the crew going outside on the 4th of July to watch the fireworks set off in the distance with the Earth in the background. That would be pretty cool.

Indoors, there are a number of sports activities that would be completely transformed due to the fact that the Moon has only 1/6th the gravity of Earth. During the Apollo program, astronauts were able to jump unusually high. So, consider the possibility of launching an additional inflatable module, probably mostly spherical to be attached to a growing base. This would be the exercise / sports facility that would be designed to accommodate a number of new sports activities. Even within the initial crew of eight, one of the crew could have been selected because they are a decent gymnast. Prior to being sent to the Moon, they would have been trained (using tethers) on the Earth to do ridiculously amazing feats only possible on the Moon. Upon arrival, they would privately practice their routines until they mastered them in the lunar environment. Then, one evening during our weekly TV show from the Moon, we get to see a choreographed gymnastics performance with that crew member performing an unbelievable routine.

Likewise, one of the couples could have been selected for their ability to dance. As with the gymnast, they would have been trained on Earth using tethers. What unique dance maneuvers are possible given lunar gravity? What would the physics allow? Dance on the Moon might be more slow and graceful than what it is on Earth -- at least in the vertical direction. But momentum would be the same. So, what might be possible?

Finally, in 1/6th gravity, one could even go so far as to put on wings and actually fly.

1/6 gravity would allow for a number of remarkable activities not possible on Earth.

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