- how an off-Earth base could quickly become self-sufficient -


The Space Development Network plans on establishing a project with the goal of demonstrating full self-reliance (FSR) in the Mars context. We plan on conducting this project at a Moon-Mars Analogue Base (MMAB) by Boca Chica, TX.

The goal will be to demonstrate in the analogue setting the five most challenging parts of self reliance:

  • Metals - Using simulated Mars resources and basic machining equipment, produce metal parts including sheet metal needed to produce an in situ base.
  • Chemistry - Using simulated Mars resources and basic chemistry equipment, produce plastic and other chemicals needed by the base and produce parts needed for the chemistry equipment.
  • Habitats - Using the plastics produced, manufacture structures and assemble them into new, air-proof habitats.
  • Food - Within two GreenHabs, grow all of the plants necessary to meet the full nutritional needs of the Initial Permanent Crew and produce parts needed to expand greenhouse capabilities.
  • Electricity - Using techniques previously demonstrated in the lab, produce enough in situ solar panels to meet the natural growth rate of a Survival Colony.
After Starship's initial orbit attempt, we plan to focus on the establishment of the Moon-Mars Analogue Base including the large, FSR side-project. This will include writing up a proposal, identifying key players, and seeking full philanthropic funding.