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There are over 40 impact craters caused by craft coming from Earth. They fall into the following categories:

Upper Stages: Many of the craft sent to the Moon whether impactors, orbiters, or landers were pushed along translunar injection by an upper stage. Many times, those upper stages impacted the Moon mostly (but not all) on the near side of the Moon.

Impactors: Before landers, the easiest way to get a close-up view of the Moon was to send vehicles that would broadcast TV all the way up until the moment of impact. This was how they were designed to work.

Failed Landers: Not all landers came to a soft landing. Sometimes it didn't work out and so they impacted or tipped over onto the surface of the Moon. These impact sites would be particularly intersting to visit due to the visible remains.

Orbiters: There have been a number of lunar orbiters conducting a variety of observations. As they end their operational life, they are deorbited to impact on the lunar surface. These are unique impacts that the countries that owned the orbiters would probably like to visit. These impacted orbiters include America's LADEE, GRAIL A & B, and Lunar Prospector. Japan's Kaguya, Hiten, and Okina. Europe's SMART-1 and India's Chandrayaan-1.

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