- with low-cost transport, where would international astronauts go? -


On occasion, there is a crater on the Moon that looks like any other crater, except that they are on the top of mounds. They are not impact craters but craters due to volcanoes!

Nubium: The tour of the lunar volcanoes could begin with this one which is a single cone volcano.

Cauchy: The next volcano to be visited could be Cauchy which is a single volcano which is mound-shaped and with an unusual semi-circle arch nearby.

Hortensius: Next could be a volcanic site in which there are multiple volcanoes right near each other.

Isis & Osiris: These two volcanoes are unique in that they seem to be associated with fractures in the surface.

Alphonsus: Finally, the Alfonsus volcano is clearly coming from a surface fracture. It would be an interesting scientific investigation to get a close-up view of this geologic feature.

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