- with low-cost transport, where would international astronauts go? -


There are a number of mountains on the Moon that originate in different ways.

Huygens: this is a chain of mounting that run in a curved line which is the rim of the Imbrian basin. Apollo 15 landed not far away in some other mountains (Hadley).

Rumker: This is a series of volcanic domes. It is a low shield-shaped plateau with multiple volcanoes on top. They are located in the northwestern corner of the near side. The Chinese sample return will be from the plains around this area.

Gamma: Gamma is one of a group of three mountains. These mountains are probably volcanic in origin. Volcanic mountains produce different types of mare. Thos that are more silica rich tend to be more thick. The flow from the volcanoes builds up into a mountain.

Leibnitz Beta: Was considered Resource Prospector robot going to land in an area with a lot of shadow. Would operate when the sunlight and dip into puddles of light. VIPER is the new name. This is one of the candidate sites for that mission.

Malapert: This is a very important mountain which is directly in the direction of the Earth from the lunar south pole. For this reason it could serve as an important communications relay station because it is always within view of the Earth but it is also within view of much of the south pole area.

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