- with low-cost transport, where would international astronauts go? -


International astronauts would not only be able to visit space hardware and natural sites but they would also be able to do activities which would be newsworthy and so attractive for them to do. The number of interesting activities that could be done in 1/6th gravity is only limited by the imagination.

Performing Arts: Countries could participate in artistic performances which would then be broadcast to watching audiences on Earth. This could include any number of creative performance. Musical performances (e.g. classical, new, unique) would probably not be radically different than what it would sound like on Earth. But gymnastics and dance would be so altered by the 1/6th gravity such that they could bell be entirely new and different.

Sports: In 1/6th gravity, current sports would be significantly changed. Think of how high the basket net would have to be or what pole vaulting would look like. Indeed, some new sports could be created to take advantage of the new environment. Even water sports would be different with people able to push themselves fully out of the water (e.g. water polo).

Races: Two countries could race each other along a certain path to a certain destination. Click here to view a video of a computer game which would illustrate this possibility.

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