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As noted previously, the Moon-Mars Analogue Base (MMAB) is intended to NOT be far from people but close to a large population. The reason for this is that we want to develop not just the initial habitat but a complete and growing base. This will need a lot of local supporters including a lot of volunteer help throughout the year. It is also handy to have a Home Depot close by when growing the base so rapidly.

We also want for the MMAB to be located within regular eyesight of the local population. This keeps it in the mind of potential local supporters and local reporters and will help attract attendees when there is a public event.

The location for the MMAB has not been set but the focus right now is for it to be located by Tucson, AZ. Tucson has both University interest and local supporters and relevant companies. Locating the MMAB elsewhere is possible but would require significant commitment by a local entity there (e.g. a University). Ultimately though, if the MMAB proves to be successful and attracts regular visits then upgraded duplicates of the MMAB could be fairly easily established in other parts of the US and other countries.

Unless a better location is found, the Moon-Mars Analogue Base will be established in the Tucson area.

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