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The purpose of the Moon-Mars Analogue Base (MMAB) is to influence the decision-makers to design the first, off-Earth base along the lines of development and settlement. As such, having a series of PR opportunities will be important to get these concepts written up by the media and getting more people to think along these lines.

The MMAB needs to be funded. This can be done any number of ways including philanthropic support, grants for projects, and commercial revenue. But the default plan is to primarily fund the development via a series of Kickstarter campaigns. Kickstarter is a website where one can list their project, set a deadline, and solicit funding for the project. If people feel as though it is a worthy project they will donate to it. One can offer a series of gifts according to the different levels of donations. We hope to develop a set of regular donors who will contribute as the MMAB develops.

There is a specific set of PR events associated with Kickstarter campaigns. The list is extensive. Some of the highlighted events include:

  • UniHab Set-up: This would be an open-air event in which air would be blown into the full-scale, final UniHab. This would demonstrate how quickly inflatable habitats are set up (as opposed to if it were 3D printed). The time-lapse video of this set-up would be something that journalists would likely like to show their viewers.
  • Hydroponic Greenhouse: For a few thousand dollars, a hydroponic greenhouse and aquaponic system can be set up.
  • Centrifuge: The indoor centrifuge would provide the Initial Crew with full artificial gravity for up to four hours a day. Whether the centrifuge would be able to have people within it or just be used with animals would be dependent upon how much money was raise and hence, how well engineered and safe the centrifuge was.
  • Kitchen: A regular kitchen would need to be assembled.
  • Furnishings: Low-mass furnishings exist and could be purchased and installed. Alternately, furnishings using local resources (e.g. made out of sheet metal) could illustrate how Earth independence reduces the costs of launching payloads.
  • UniHab Tours: After the inside of the UniHab is finished then journalists could get the grand tour.
  • Space Suits: Very cool space suit costumes would cause journalists to want to do write-ups about the base.
  • Specialty Habs: Each specialty hab would give reason for fundraising and media exposure.
  • Teams: Simulations of teams are frequently the cause of media write-ups.
The MMAB will have plenty of opportunities to draw journalistic attention.

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