- establishing an initial infrastructure on the Moon -


The settlers will need to be provided with certain items which cannot easily be produced on the Moon. Electronics are the classic example but there may be other items such as special foods, special furnishings, and specific brand name clothing. The settlers could order items (e.g. via Amazon) and have them delivered to the launch site where the shipping charges would be added and the item shipped to the lunar settlement. But there could also be a wide variety of items which could be selected by a buyer and then transported to the StoreHab where the settlers could come by, examine the items by hand, and then purchase them. Produce grown in the GreenHabs could also be sold through the store so that settlers could prepare their own food in their HomeHab.

One of the last specialty habs to be set up during the International Lunar Exploration Phase (ILEP) would be the SpaHab. But it may be very important to have this so as to ensure that moving off Earth (away from all of the modern conveniences on Earth) can be partially addressed by having amenities such as the SpaHab. It would have the full spectrum including cosmetology, various baths, massage, etc.

There would be certain habs that would provide natural environments where settlers could go to to experience nature. The JungleHab would be a tropical rainforest with dense foliage. The dirt for the trees would need to be produced from lunar rocks and biologic material such as from algae and plant waste to make soil. Within the JungleHab could be birds, butterflies, and some furry friends such as monkeys.

Another natural environment hab would be the BeachHab. The sand would need to be manufactured from rock. The water would come from the polar ice. And the walls and ceilings would be printed to give the appearance of being outdoors in a very large environment. There are several indoor beaches on Earth. The one depicted here is in Japan and shows that some amazing settings can be created.

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