- establishing an initial infrastructure on the Moon -


The MeetHab is where the community would meet for group meetings, updates from the administration, and for any self-governance meetings. We imagine the seats to be arranged in curves so that attendees are facing each other.

People are going to be taking their religions with them and so will want to meet together as communities of faith. The one WorshipHab would need to be scheduled so that different communities of faith could use the same facility for their worship services. The WorshipHab would, of course, be highly utilized throughout Sundays. On Saturdays, it would be used by Jews and Sabbath-keeping protestants. Fridays would be for Muslims. During the week meetings (e.g. prayer meetings) could be held there as well.

Like the MeetHab, the design of the WorshipHab would tend towards having rows (pews) in curves so that the congregation can see each other while also focusing on the stage. The backdrop symbols (e.g. cross vs Muslim artwork), structures, furniture, and colored lights could largely change the look from one community of faith to the other. There would be a large screen allowing clergy on Earth to be able to give sermons to a congregation.

Movies would be a mainstay of entertainment at the settlement. There is no reason why the settlers wouldn't be able to watch the latest movies coming out. Indeed, given the disposable wealth of the residents, the latest movies would be available for the residents to watch. But the TheaterHab would also be a place where plays would be held using resident actors. They wouldn't be the best actors possible but it would still be entertaining to watch one's neighbors conduct a play.

The TheaterHab would also be the place where dance would be conducted. In 1/6th gravity, lunar dance would be amazing and quite different than what is possible on Earth. Likely, professional dancers would be present early on among the international astronauts.

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