- establishing an initial infrastructure on the Moon -


As the base's population grows, the large-scale cooking of food will become necessary. Given the level of clientel and their expectations, a well-designed plan of menus, well prepared, and presented will be likely. As with any industrial kitchen, equipment would be large and able to make large batches per meal. The KitchenHab could also make dishes (e.g. deserts) that could be frozen and stored for later consumption.

As with the other habs, (tele)robots controlled by crew on Earth could operate 24/7 could reduce the workload of the settlers. Robotic arms mounted on counters or on rails in the ceiling could perform tasks in fairly precise settings. This is technology which could also reduce human workload and hence costs in certain settings on Earth.

The Cafeteria Hab would be the place where the community would be served. As part of the base's social life, dinner entertainment could be provided. This could either be live performances by fellow residents or live performances broadcast from Earth.

DineHabs would be restaurant habs of different types specializing in themes such as various ethnic foods. They may well tend to be run by settlers who want to make it their business and so may more expensive than the food in the CafeHab.

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