- establishing an initial infrastructure on the Moon -


Hotel Luna
The first lunar hotel could be "Hotel Luna". This would be localized at the Internal Lunar Base and would serve as the residence for visitors including external tourists. It would be specifically designed for the Moon and have incredible architectural and interior design. Tourists would probably stay in the hotel for perhaps three months to allow them to experience life on the Moon including all of the activities available at the settlement as well as completing the Grand Tour of the Moon before flying back to life on Earth.

Hilton Hotel
Regional hotels near tourist destination spots would become iconic. Free-standing, they would be designed with themes and unique internal environments. They would tend to not house very many residents since tourists would spend only one night at the hotel before moving on to the next tourist destination.

Trump Luna
It's going to happen, yes? Hotels would not only make money from the tourists but they would also be status symbols for luxury hotel chains on Earth. The Trump Luna hotel on the Moon would inevitably be color themed using white and gold and would have exquisite design for the elite tourist. Perhaps a replica of the hotel could be at Starbase on Earth to allow people to see what it would be like to stay at the lunar version.

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