- establishing an initial infrastructure on the Moon -


The SupportHab provides life support for the base. Distilled water ice sourced from the permanently-shadowed craters would be brought to the base via rovers and deposited into one of the external water tanks. That water would be used for irrigation, sanitation, cooking, and drinking. In additional, the SupportHab would be able to electrolyze the water to produce breathable oxygen.

The SupportHab would also be the place where air and water would be recycled for reuse. Recycling is of major importance as it substantially decreases the need for life support materials to be either shipped from Earth or harvested from local resources.

The SaniHab primarily processes the solid and liquid wastes from humans and animals. It is completely separate from the SupportHab however, after the water is sterilized, processed, and distilled, it is passed to the SupportHab. As they say on the International Space Station, "Yesterday's urine is today's coffee"!

The solid wastes are processed through a combination of UV sterilization, bioreactor, and incineration of those chemicals that are not broken down biologically.

There will need to be garages where crew vehicles and large telerobots (e.g. the Ice Harvester) would need to be worked on by crew. The garage would have two parts with a dirty portion and a clean portion. The DirtyGarage would be where, after the vehicle is first brought in through a large airlock, that crew, wearing complete protective clothing (like biohazard suits) would be able to spray and wash down to remove the dust. After being thus cleaned, the vehicles would be brought into the CleanGarage where crew could work on the vehicles in a short-sleve environment.

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