- establishing an initial infrastructure on the Moon -


The DormHab would serve to provide efficient housing for a good number of people at a time. Initially, international astronauts could stay in the DormHab while they are constructing more parts of the base but before there are enough private residential habs available. They could also serve as lower cost motel rooms for external tourists trying to "save a buck". They would be compact and efficient but with enough amenities and interior design to make them quite livable.

The HomeHabs would be the private residential habs leased or even owned by the permanent residents. They would need to be designed and constructed according to standards to ensure that they play well with the utilities of the rest of the base. They could have different designs depending upon the size of the family living there as well as how much the settler spent for their HomeHab. Given the relatively low cost expected for Starship payload deliveries and the great volume achievable with inflatables, the HomeHabs could be quite spacious and the idea that noone would want to go and live in a "tin can" would be shown to be inaccurate thinking.

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