- establishing an initial infrastructure on the Moon -


The WelcomeHab is the habitat that newcomers would first enter. It could also be used as a general hangout area but would be cleared for whenever newcomers arrived. When settlers, whether international astronauts or private first arrive, the arrival ceremony can be very memorable.

The newcomers would come in through a special airlock and then enter into the WelcomeHab where they would be greeted by friends or family (if they have any there), officials, and the Welcome Team. There could conceivably be a traditional ceremony such as the laying on of leis in Hawaii. Also, the Welcome Team would provide the newcomers with the keys to their personal residental habs.

After settling into their personal habs, the Welcome Team would give the newcomers a tour of the base. Since they are with the Welcome Team, the residents of the base would be aware of the newcomers and would likely smile and greet them.

At the next banquet, newcomers could be introduced to the rest of the residents.

Air Locks
Around the base there would be numerous airlocks allowing for people to not only exit from those locations but also to flee into in case some catastrophe were to occur in one part of the base. In the case of depressurization and fire, the airlocks would be a place where people could go to and have supplemental oxygen lasting them for many hours until they could be rescued.

Air locks would be of different types. In some, the residents would suit up and exit in their suits. In others there would be suitports in which the suits remain outside and one slips into the suits from behind, closes the door, detaches, and walks away. But mostly the ports would allow for residents to move into a vehicle without having to put on a pressure suit at all. Finally, an airlock would be used to bring material inside the base such as rocks for processing, metals produced in the Metallurgy Area, and pressurized and unpressurized cargo from the ferries.

Tube Connectors
For the most part the specialty modules would be connected directly with each other. But, in order to ensure that residents could walk along "hallways" across the entire base without having to pass through each of the specialty habs, there would be a tubular corridor laid in trenches under the base. Like Elon's Boring Company, this 3 dimensional layering would allow for foot and golf cart transport while not causing any congestion up in the habs.

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