Would you like to like to see the settlement of space within your lifetime? Would like to join with others to see that happen?

The Space Development Network is a new type of space advocacy organization. In order to maximize participation, there are no membership dues. You can join for free and remain a member for free forever.

But we don't want just a bunch of people sitting around doing nothing. The cost of maintaining membership is your involvement. It is doing your small part to advance the Plan for Sustainable Space Development. What the Space Development Network asks is that you contribute at least six hours a year* actively advancing the Plan. That's how you maintain your membership. Periodically, we will send out an e-mail form asking for you to report any effort that you have made in advancing the Plan. So, by this honor system, you can remain an active member of the Network.

You don't have to be super knowledgeable to help advance the Plan. There are many different tasks which would help move the ball forward. Here are some:


  • Now that this website is largely complete, the immediate o The immediate objective is to get the word out to the decision makers in the Administration, Congress, and NASA urging them to keep the door open to a cost-effect, high-achieving space policy.

  • In early November, the Network will be conducting a media event near Cape Canaveral to draw attention to the concept that the Falcon Heavy should be considered as America's Moon rocket. This event will involve a full-scale mock-up of the lunar lander.

  • Later, a Kickstarter campaign will be conducted to produce a full-sized, vinyl, analogue UniHab to be sited by Tucson, AZ. Extensive contacts and commitments have already been developed with local space advocates and faculty.

  • A subsequent series of campaigns will be conducted to steadily increase the capability of the UniHab. Simulated missions will test and refine protocols.

  • Later, this Moon-Mars Analogue Base (MMAB) will be grown to include the International Lunar Exploration Facility and other dedicated habitats.

  • Finally, the MMAB will be grown to illustrate private settlement.

Benefits of being part of the Network are that you will have the opportunity to network with other space advocates on interesting projects. You will receive updated, inside reports on progress being made. As the activities of the Network grows, there may be additional benefits including discounts for activities.

* Members under age 18 have no requirement for maintaining membership.