Doug Plata, MD, MPH
President & Founder
Doug is a physician in Redlands, CA. As President he oversees the management of the Space Development Network and is the primary contact with entities outside of the Network.

Art Harman
VP for Policy
Art is a space lobbyist in Washington, DC. For the Network, Art oversees our space advocacy work with the decision-makers in D.C.

Gerry Black
VP for Projects
Gerry is a retired engineer in Cincinnati, OH. As the VP for Projects, Gerry schedules the Working Group telecons and ensures that the Network is progressing on our various projects.

Chris Wolfe
Director of Earth Independence
Chris is a communications engineer in Arlington, VA. In his director role he is tasked with helping the Network advance projects specifically related to how a colony could eventually produce all of its needs.

Ben Stanley
Director of the MMAB
Ben is an engineering student at BYU. He is the lead member developing a new type of analogue base designed to illustrate development and even settlement.

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